Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To Install XLC compiler C++ on AIX UNIX

XLC is the  most powerful compiler used for AIX os  . it is  an IBM product  so in this article i will show the installation Steps of XLC in simple way

1- AIX 5 or higher
2- C++ run time for xlc_rte53+

1- upload c++ run time and  xlc_rte53+ files in the X folder and extract it
2-extract  IBM_XL  in new  folder Y inside X
3- go to inside Y/usr/sys/inst.images and open file and open new terminal
4- after open AIX terminal and type smitty installp command

5- the next widow will open -remember all of this must be executed with root command to take    effect-

6- press enter on install and the next window will appear

7-  press . (dot) if the current directory is Y directory as mention before

preview only this if press tab to toggle it to yes the system proceeds the installation without machine take effect just only preview the installation log to see if there are error or not during installation
and don't forget  to toggle no to yes in Accept new license agreements then press enter wait until complete install and command OK

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