Monday, 11 June 2018

Microsoft and Software Monopoly Dream

Bye github i say it but i'am so sad for that  due to there are many people learn from github community but now github  is a part of Microsoft

I think This step lead To one of these five thing

1- Microsoft go ahead to be the master of open source community in the world   and he prove that by publish .Net Core as open source since few years

2- Microsoft need to enhance his invaded area in software field  and it already do that since few years  Microsoft exceed  alphabet the google master company by 753 billion dollar in the third after apple and amazon

3- Microsoft need to upgrade TFS one of the most subversion control in the wold but TFS is more powerful than git may

4- Microsoft need to upgrade Microsoft academy  center to be the big community in track software  learning

5- Microsoft need to limit open source community that have't had a boss every one can contribute in    it need to limit all start up companies that need to be lead in software filed

may be optimistic people say  Microsoft did't make some thing bad but Microsoft did't pay 7.5 billion dollar for software lover of for ALLAH      

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